Vehicle Sensors

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Before the use of computerized controls, fixing an automobile was straightforward and logical. Gasoline engines need a proper fuel and air mixture, compression to squeeze the mixture together, and a spark plug to ignite the mixture, forcing the piston downward. In the old days, if you had fuel, you had spark and you had the correct ignition timing, your car’s engine would run. Problems in these purely mechanical systems are relatively easy to detect.   Modern computer-controlled vehicles also must have the proper mixture of air and fuel ignited at the proper instant in order to operate. The difference today is that a variety of engine parameters must be controlled to ensure highly efficient combustion for better fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions. It’s great when it is working, but sensors that monitor engine speed ,engine temperature, oxygen level in the exhaust gases, crankshaft position, pre-ignition knock and many other parameters must all be working properly or the engine may run poorly or not at all. This is why any faulty sensor must be replaced as soon as possible.

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